Don Asado

is a traditional Uruguayan BBQ catering service. We offer you the opportunity to host a traditional barbecue for groups of 15 to 200 people anywhere in the Netherlands and Western Europe. We work all year round, regardless of the cold and rain!

Our menu uses high quality premium beef alongside a grilled vegetarian menu option. We want to create an unforgettable traditional bbq experience for your business or family event.

The traditional gaucho clothes we wear represent our origins and the love for unique crafted objects and bbq´s. It was the gaucho who started the tradition of the bbq in the farm, and in Uruguay, our most important culinary tradition is making bbq´s for any kind of festivity.

Don Asado brings this tradition of the South American pampas to Europe, with the personal experience of having made and enjoyed hundreds of BBQ´s ourselves.

We look forward to sharing a great asado together soon!

Who are we?

We are lovers of good food, and passionate about sharing unforgettable moments around the grill. The two partners of Don Asado were born in Uruguay, a country where the tradition of the roasted beef is ingrained in the culture.

Oberdan Montedonico is a professional chef and bbq master. He has owned and managed his restaurant in Amsterdam for almost a decade. His specialty: Impress his guests with the best meat in the world and tasty accompaniments to the delight of all.

Carlos Galdona Oyenard is an entrepreneur. After studying for a Masters in the Netherlands, he decided to stay in this country with which he fell in love. He is dedicated to international consulting and is a lover of bbq´s, creativity and good food. His specialty: Generate unforgettable experiences. Pay attention to the small details, understand what his customers want, and with them project the best possible experience for their event.